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Columbus Commuters Brace for Multi-Year Freeway Ramp Closure

Starting early May, downtown Columbus drivers will need to brace for significant changes as a key interstate on-ramp closes for an extended period due to ongoing construction efforts.

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) announced that the State Route 315 southbound ramp to eastbound Interstate 70 will shut down starting May 4, marking a critical phase in the comprehensive “Downtown Ramp Up” project.

This closure is part of a broader initiative to reconstruct Interstates 70 and 71 in the heart of Columbus, with the aim of addressing long-standing issues related to safety and traffic congestion. The project seeks to transform the downtown traffic flow and enhance road safety, addressing the challenges of an urban area experiencing growth and increased vehicle use.

downtown ramp up map columbus

As the State Route 315 ramp closes, motorists will be directed to a detour that runs from southbound State Route 315 to eastbound Interstate 670, then to southbound Interstate 70, and finally back to eastbound Interstate 70. This rerouting is expected to be in place for several years, reflecting the scale and expected duration of the construction efforts.

Adding to the complexity, ODOT detailed further changes happening in close succession: starting May 5, traffic on eastbound I-70 will be shifted onto newly constructed bridges. This move will allow crews to commence the rebuilding of the existing roadway, a crucial step in the overarching project.

The Downtown Ramp Up project, which kicked off in 2010, represents a significant investment in the city’s infrastructure, with a budget of $1.4 billion and an expected completion timeline extending to the 2030s. This long-term initiative underscores the extensive planning and resources committed to enhancing Columbus’s freeway systems.

ODOT has advised that all construction schedules are subject to change based on weather conditions, and updates will be provided as necessary. Motorists and commuters are encouraged to stay informed about traffic changes and plan their routes accordingly to accommodate the anticipated disruptions.

As downtown Columbus undergoes these substantial changes, residents and travelers alike are reminded of the goals of improved safety and smoother travel ahead, promising a significantly restructured and more efficient freeway system in the years to come.