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Your Guide To The Unique And Marvelous Columbus Architectural Salvage

Columbus Architectural Salvage is the most unique store in the city.

Full of salvaged items from historic properties, nearly every item is one of a kind. The store opened in 2006, so it’s well established, but it definitely flies under the radar. Most people find their way to the stores hallowed halls on a quest to replace random items in their early 1900s homes.

Whether you’re on the hunt for brass door knobs, a clawfoot bathtub, or old-school metal vent covers, Columbus Architectural Salvage probably has it. We took a stroll through the store earlier this week with no specific goal in mind, and let me tell you, we came across some serious treasure.

Antique Mailbox: $225

antique mailboxes

In a dream world, I’d but this and put it in my stunning home library. I think it could be used for some sort of card catalogue system, or alternatively, I could just leave myself whimsical notes in the various boxes. The detail on each box was beautiful and I can’t help but think that, whimsy libraries aside, this thing has some unlimited organizational potential.

Solid Wood Bar: $30k

solid wood antique bar

Okay, so this item is definitely on the “dream house” list. I don’t even think the picture could possibly do it justice. The bar is massive and it feels like it came straight out of an old manor or castle and if I had my way, that’s exactly where it would be headed.

Door knobs: various prices

antique shop Columbus

It was so fun to admire the huge variety of antique and vintage door knobs available. Of course, these are practical purchases if, like me, you live in a 100+ year old house with funky door knobs. But I also think they could great for all kinds of fun design projects. Am I the only one who can see the vision for a door knob coat rack?

Vintage Typewriter: $95

vintage typewriter

When I turned the corner and saw this beauty, it was hard to keep moving through the store. I’m a sucker for a vintage typewriter and I think it would be an absolute slay in any office space. It was genuinely tough to leave this behind, but I knew that I didn’t really have the budget to overhaul my entire home office in order to give it a place of honor, so I left it to find it’s forever home elsewhere.

Doors for days: Various prices

vintage horse barn doors

If you’re on the hunt for a door of any kind at all, I can’t recommend stopping by the store enough. We saw everything from massive antique barn doors to delicate glass partition doors. I probably took one million door pictures, but I’ll leave you with this huge salvaged horse stall door that comes from the old Darby Dan farm.

Bellows: $15

I was so obsessed with this find. I have absolutely no use for bellows, as I have no fireplace, but the idea that someone attached a photo of a man in their life to a device that literally blows hot air… it was just too funny to not include here.

antique shop columbus ohio

I could seriously go on and on and on about how many great items there were on display at the shop. Even if you don’t have anything in particular in mind, it’s such an interesting way to spend an hour or two, perusing the merchandise and really thinking about each item’s individual history.

Every piece in the store tells a story and the most exciting part is that you could give them all a new chapter.

Columbus Architectural Salvage is located at 1580 Clara St, just behind the Ohio State Fairgrounds. They’re open to the public Tuesday-Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Please note that all items are sold as-is and all items are final sale.

All photos by Chelsea Wiley