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Chipotle Is Testing A Drive-Thru In Ohio… But Where?

A dream shared by Chipotle fans everywhere is about to come true, right here in Ohio. The burrito chain will be testing a drive-thru option somewhere in the Buckeye state this fall.


Just when we were all losing our minds about not getting Chipotle’s queso, they drop this little nugget of information on us. And you can stop freaking out about the queso, because it may hit stores nationwide as soon as September.

Now back to the drive-thru. reported that it will be called a “vehicular pickup window” instead of a drive-thru, but all that matters is that you can eat your guac on the road.

According to Business Insider, Chipotle CMO Mark Crumpacker mentioned some changes that would be coming to the company in a recent call with investors. “We need to evolve the Chipotle experience,” said Crumpacker.

And luckily for us, that evolution involves a drive-thru in Ohio. There isn’t any word on the specific location, but with Columbus’ history of a test market, it’s likely that it will end up somewhere in Central Ohio.

The public has been clamoring for a Chiptole Drive-Thru for years now.

Looks like they’ve decided to give the people what they want.


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