The Budd Dairy Building Will Be Transformed Into A Food Hall

The Budd Dairy property, an iconic building in Italian Village, will be home to a new food hall concept by Cameron Mitchell Restaurants.

The hall, which will open in winter 2018, will host 8-10, chef-driven restaurant concepts, as well as room for entertainment, games, and seating.

The Budd Dairy Food Hall is being developed by local developer, Kevin Lykens.

“The Budd Dairy Food Hall is about going back to my roots with one of the most exciting projects we’ve ever imagined. Central Ohio embraced me as a young restaurant entrepreneur and gave incredible support to the growth of our company and our associates,” said Cameron Mitchell, CMR founder.

The interior of the hall will be 14,000+ square feet and include a rooftop deck. The ground level will have a bar, community seating, and the food vendors, as well as a stage for live performances. The second floor will include a small bar, interactive games, and an event space.

Although individual restaurants will have control over their concepts, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants will provide their brand and marketing for the space as a whole.

“Our expectations are as limitless as what we can imagine,” said Mitchell. “This spectacular project fulfills our dream of empowering unique, up-and-coming food artisans to grow their businesses in a positive, high-energy venue with the oversight and hospitality experience of our Cameron Mitchell Restaurants team.”

A committee of CMR executives will oversee the application process and choose the vendors that will receive the first licenses issued. The company will also provide continuing education to the artisan operators, including infrastructure development, capital investment, systems, and other topics that new businesses face.

Developer Kevin Lykens will transform 11,000 square feet in the lower level of the hall, as well as the buildings historic carriage warehouses, into co-working office space.

If you’re interested in applying for space in the hall, CMR notes that vendors should do so as soon as possible, via the Budd Dairy Food Hall website.

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