The Best Used Bike Shops Columbus Has To Offer

Originally published 4/10/17. Updated 6/25/19.

It’s warm, it’s sunny, and it’s officially Summer. Time to get biking Columbus.

Now that the weather has settled a bit and the sky doesn’t look so awful and angry, it’s the perfect time to get those old bicycles out of the garage and put in some mileage. If your bike isn’t actually in working condition or you’re just looking to get a new ride but not spend a bunch of dough, Columbus has some great options for buying used rides or tweaking the one you already have.

Check out these great places so that you can get out there on the road as soon as possible for the cheap.

Once Ridden Bikes

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With a fully stocked gallery of new and refurbished bikes, Once Ridden will have just about anything you need to get you moving, not to mention a whole slew of accessories.

Third Hand Bicycle Co-op

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These guys serve as a non-profit organization, dedicated to providing and instructing environmentally safe ways of transportation. A lot of their service comes from volunteers and they operate mostly from donations, allowing them to provide goods and services for the cheap.

Bikes For All People

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Bikes For All is a part of Church and Community Development For All People, a faith-based non-profit dedicated to servicing Columbus neighborhoods. Bikes For All People specifically provides affordable biking for those who relying on them for transportation in Columbus’ south side.

Franklinton Cycle Works“>Franklinton Cycle Works

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Another non-profit, FCW remains passionate about educating the community in bike repair and providing transportation for those that need it. They also serve as a community maker space, providing quality equipment for anyone who wants to use it to learn and hone their bike craft.

All of these options are super affordable and they’re dedicated to putting bikes in the hands of the communities they serve. Give them a look through, peruse their selections, and get rolling!


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