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The Best Sledding Hills In Columbus

There is white, fluffy, goodness all over the ground, which means it’s time for one of the best winter activities ever: Sledding.

We’re a little behind when it comes to snow this season. But it seems like Ohio is doing its best to catch us up. And even though it’s totally frigid out, it can still be fun to get out and go zooming down a hill. Ohio may have a reputation for being flat farmland, but we’ve got some great sledding hills around the city.

So put on your snowsuit, grab a sled, and head to the nearest hill. This is going to be fun.



Fryer Park



Fryer Park has an amazing, specially designated sledding hill. It’s a good, smooth ride down, though the walk back up can get a little steep. There is ample parking and restrooms are available. The park is located at 3899 Orders Road in Grove City.

Antrim Park



Perfect for the little kids, the sledding hill at Antrim Park is small but fun. Sometimes a giant hill can be intimidating, so this is a great place to take kids (or adults, not judging) who aren’t as enthusiastic about sledding. The park is located at 5800 Olentangy River Road, between Clintonville and Worthington.

Big Run Park 


Big Run Park is one of my personal favorite sledding hills. It’s a two for one, package deal. The left side of the hill has bumps and the right side is more smooth. This park does have limited parking and limited access to restrooms, so make the kids go before you load up the car! The park is located at 4201 Clime Road.

Clinton-Como Park 



Clinton-Como Park may be tucked away, but it’s an awesome place to go sledding. The hill is long and smooth, plus the incline isn’t too steep. Parking is extremely limited, so if you live in the community, walking may be a better option! The park is located at 301 W Pacemont Road.

Whetstone Park of Roses 



Sledding at the Whetstone Park of Roses has been a tradition for decades. There are two designated sledding hills, but there are plenty of other spots around the park that make for good runs as well, as most of the park is sloped. Restrooms are available at the front of the park, and there is plenty of parking. The park is located at 3923 N. High Street.

Olentangy River Parklands 


Hidden in Worthington, thrill seekers will find a sledders paradise.  Olentangy River Parklands has a variety of hills. The main hill is a decent size and has a long, smooth ride down. There is a gentle hill for younger sledders near the tennis courts! There is limited parking and there are restrooms available. The park is located at 600 West Wilson Bridge Road.

Schiller Park 



German Village is always beautiful in the snow. But it’s also fun. In Schiller Park, behind the playground, city kids will find a small sledding hill. The ride is short but it steep! There is ample parking in the lot, as well as street parking.

Blendon Woods Metro Park 


Heading out with little kiddos? Blendon Woods Metro Park has an amazing, gentle starter hill. There is plenty of parking and restrooms to warm up cold fingers and toes! The park is located at 4625 E. Dublin-Granville Road.

Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park 


Where I grew up, sledding at Battle Darby Creek Metro Park was a badge of honor. The sledding hill is very popular, and sort of insane. It’s very steep and you can pick up some real speed heading towards it. This is definitely a hill for more experienced sledders, older kids, and adults. Leave the little ones at home! You’ll find the hill near the canoe access. The park is located at 8465 Alkire Road.

Highbanks Metro Park 


When a sledding hill comes complete with hay bales and helmet warnings, you know it’s serious business. Highbanks Metro Park has two sledding hills, a gentle, bunny hill and a massive, not for faint-of-heart, monster of a hill. The gentle hill is great for the little kids. The larger hill is steep and the slope does end in a forested area, but there are bales of hay around trees to protect sledders. The park is located at 9466 Columbus Pike.

See you on the hills, Columbus!



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