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This Charming, Scottish Escape In Hocking Hills Is For Adults-Only

Sometimes, you just want a quiet, peaceful weekend out of town.

Whether you’re a parent looking for some alone time away from the kiddos or just a stressed-out human like myself, the appeal of an adults-only hotel isn’t hard to understand. Especially the appeal of this specific hotel.

There are a lot of reasons why a weekend at the Glenlaurel Inn sounds pretty great, but in my opinion, it really comes down to three things: location, dining experience, and level of relaxation.

First, let’s dive into the location.

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Glenlaurel Inn sits on roughly 140 acres in Ohio’s own Middle Earth, Hocking Hills. If your idea of a perfect weekend away from the kids includes spending time in nature, you really couldn’t ask for a better spot. The inn is located close by to some must-see destinations within Hocking Hills, including Cantwell Cliffs, Lake Logan, Rockbridge Nature Preserve, Conkle’s Hollow, and of course, Hocking Hills State Park.

There are so many fantastic places to explore around the region, but the grounds of Glenlaurel are nothing to sneer at. Glenlaurel is made up of 140 acres and running through the middle of the property, you’ll find Camusfearna Gorge.

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There are trails built throughout the property, leading hikers to views of 50-100 foot rock cliffs, caverns, creeks, and waterfalls. The gorge trail is about a half-mile long and can easily be completed in about 1.5 hours.

Now that we’ve established how gorgeous the location is, it’s time to move on to our second point.

The dining experience at Glenlaurel is exceptional.

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I’m not a parent, but I am an aunt, and one thing I remember from my nieces and nephews being young is that mealtime can be unpredictable when kids are involved. If you’ve been craving a night or two with fine dining and adult conversation, then you really do need to check out Glenlaurel.

Fine dining is the name of the game at Glenlaurel, from the 6-7 course dinners to the dress code. It’s the perfect chance to get all glammed up and enjoy a delicious meal from the chef. During the day at the inn, guests are invited to dress casually. But for dinner, more formal attire is required in the dining room, like dresses, suits, or kilts. It is a Scottish inn, after all.

But the key to a successful getaway with no kids around is how relaxing the trip was.

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There are so many delightful ways to unwind at Glenlaural Inn, but the obvious way is to hop into the nearest hot tub. Guests staying in the crofts and cottages will have access to their own private hot tubs. If you’re staying in a room at the inn, you won’t have hot tub access. But you will have either a bathtub or a two person whirlpool (depending on your room choice) which isn’t exactly shabby.

The other fantastic, stress-reducing activity you can participate in is a wine tasting. Glenlaurel Inn is located near Hocking Hills Winery. This family-owned winery has over 2,000 vines covering four acres, and they’ve got the perfect wine suggestion waiting for you.

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Of course, the best place you can relax is outside. We already mentioned some of the great hiking opportunities above, but if you’re looking for more leisure than sweat, there are so many fun ways to enjoy nature. There’s horseback riding, stargazing, birdwatching, bonfires, and even private plane tours. If you’re a fan of spontaneous getaways, it’s worth mentioning that in the winter, the inn frequently offers last-minute deals that can save you tons of money.

This little piece of the Scottish Highlands right here in Ohio is something else. The Glenlaurel Inn is located at 14940 Mount Olive Rd, Rockbridge, OH 43149-9736 and you can start planning your adults-only vacation right here.