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This Modern A-Frame In Hocking Hills Is A Dream

There’s nothing quite like a getaway to Hocking Hills.

It’s such a gorgeous region in Ohio, with loads of fantastic hiking, breathtaking views, and fun outdoor activities. Amy and Bryant Gingerich fell in love with the area two years ago, specifically a 35+ acre property.

“It’s rugged terrain with cliffs, rock face, seasonal waterfalls, and a scenic overlook,” said Amy Gingerich about the property. “Bryant was looking to quit his job as an engineer and design luxury cabins – this land was the perfect fit.”

The couple now have two cabins on the land, which they call Dunlap Hollow. We visited their renovated cottage a couple of years ago and it was easy to see what they loved about the property. Since adding the A-Frame, they have also added new private trails for the second cabin.

“We have added a brilliant loop that starts & ends at the A-Frame,” explained Amy. “It’ll bring you alongside the most wonderful caves, waterfall, ridge line, wild flowers, and more. We are also going to add more trails that lead to the Overlook so more guests can enjoy that view.”

The home was was architecturally designed and built by the couple, (“Let’s be honest, it was mostly Bryant,” said Amy), with the help of an amazing interior designer (Burrow Creative) and other friends & family.

Throughout the A-Frame, guests will find various spots that were specifically designed to compliment the surrounding nature. “Two of our favorite spots are the loft that has glass walls and the back balcony that puts you face-to-face with the cliffs, caves, and tall hemlocks directly behind the cabin,” said Amy.

The duo always planned to build a couple of different dwellings on the land. Sharing the gorgeous property with friends, family, and the surrounding community was important to them. First, the renovated the Dunlap Hollow Cottage. They recently completed the A-Frame. And yes, there will be more to come.

We have plans to put a 3rd unique build on the land,” said Amy. “Bryant already has some brilliant designs in his back pocket. We are excited about the potential of growing our little family business.”

Amy and Bryant were building the A-Frame during the pandemic and it definitely had an impact on the process. The main frustration the couple faced was that so many goods and construction materials were out of stock or extremely delayed.

“Bryant had to be really strategic with planning out the different phases and ordering supplies months before we would need them,” explained Amy. “All in all, it only set us back by a month or two, and we are so grateful that we have this business that can grow, even during a global pandemic.”

If you’ve fallen in love with this A-frame and you’re sitting there wondering how you can have one just like it, I’ve got some great news. Amy and Bryant are now selling the building plans for the A-frame! If you think this stunning cabin would look amazing on your property, you can get more info about building plans right here.

For more information about either the Cottage or the A-Frame at Dunlap Hollow, you can visit their website here. You can also follow along on Instagram to see what else they’ve got planned for the property.