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OSU Speaker Took Ayahuasca To Write Bizarre Bitcoin & Bracelet Speech

Over the weekend, Ohio State University’s commencement speech delivered by alum Chris Pan turned into what can only be described as an emotional rollercoaster, leaving thousands of grads and their families perplexed.

From psychedelic drug revelations to pitches for cryptocurrency investments, here’s how this unusual address unfolded and why it’s all anyone can talk about.

The Ayahuasca-Assisted Drafting Process

Before even stepping onto the stage, Chris Pan dropped a bombshell on LinkedIn: his speech drafts were penned with a little help from ayahuasca, which he dubbed “Ayahuasca Intelligence.” Yes, you read that right — instead of sticking to coffee and late nights, Pan turned to a psychedelic to spark his creativity for the big day.

“Got some help from AI (Ayahuasca Intelligence) this week to write my commencement speech for 60,000 grads and family members at Ohio State University next Sunday,” Pan wrote on his LinkedIn. “Tried ChatGPT but wasn’t that good.”

Bitcoin (Inexplicably) Takes Center Stage

Just when you thought a commencement speech couldn’t get more bizarre, Pan pivoted to advocate for investing in Bitcoin. Amidst the traditional pomp, he described Bitcoin as a safeguard against inflation, a pitch that was met with a cascade of boos and bewildered looks.

Not-So Mixed Reactions from the Crowd

The audience’s reaction ranged from disbelieving amusement to outright disapproval. Live comments and social media buzzed with confusion and critiques as Pan extolled the virtues of cryptocurrency from the podium, making it one of the more divisive commencement speeches in OSU history.

A Dash of Traditional Wisdom

Despite the unconventional topics, Pan did attempt to sprinkle some more typical commencement speech themes into his talk. He touched on the importance of resilience and compassion. But he also made the graduates participate in sing alongs, so it’s hard to give him any sort of credit for doing the bare minimum.

The Bracelet Bonanza

In a move that aligned more with his entrepreneurial spirit, Pan announced that every attendee would receive a custom bracelet from his company, MyIntent. This gesture left many wondering about the logistics of such a massive giveaway. The confusion was only cleared up when the university’s spokesperson promised that details would follow via email.

University’s Response: We Didn’t Sign Up for This

Ohio State quickly distanced itself from the more controversial elements of the speech. The university clarified that while they do review drafts, they do not approve them, leaving the door open for any number of surprises.

Post-ceremony, Twitter and Facebook were alight with hot takes on Pan’s speech. From GIFs of baffled graduates to memes about “Ayahuasca Intelligence,” the social media world had a field day dissecting every moment of this unprecedented commencement address.