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The Most-Googled Topics In Columbus (2022)

As the year draws to a close, it’s always fun to stop and take a look back.

Columbus never fails to keep me guessing and this year was no exception, especially when you look at what we Googled. Each year, Google releases data showcasing which searches were popular in that area, and some of the searches on our list really left me wondering.

Things like the cheapest gas prices, power outages, food pantries, and remote jobs all made the cut, and to be honest, they are fairly predictable when you look back at the year we’ve had.

But some of our other results were much more surprising. Our top recipe Googled around Columbus wasn’t for baked goods or a delicious dinner. It was for spicy margaritas, and we were the only city that had it as our top search.

If you were one of the ones looking and you found the perfect spicy marg recipe, please feel free to share it with us over at 😉

Rap was the top searched music genre and nearby concerts were also a popular search.

But the most surprising trending topic on this list, without a doubt, is our most searched animal. I want to give you a second to just imagine what you think it will be, so start pondering.

Okay, are you ready? If you guessed a great-eared nightjar, then you’d be correct! But I’m fairly confident that you didn’t, because how could you?

In case you are wondering, the great-eared nightjar is an adorable bird native to Southeast Asia and it just so happens to look like a miniature dragon. When you see its cute little face, you’ll understand why so many people were googling it this year.


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But the top trending search in the Columbus area was for our metro parks. Which, of course, it was! Our metro parks are incredible, offering Columbus residents and visitors alike the chance to get outside and explore the natural beauty around our city. And we love talking about all the hidden secrets and best tips for enjoying them to the fullest in our “Great Outdoors” series.

To check out the full list of trending topics for the area, please click here. I don’t know about you all, but I can’t wait to see what we search for in 2023!