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This Southern Biscuit Restaurant Is Finally Open At Polaris

There’s a new biscuit joint in town.

Maple Street Biscuit Company has finally opened at Polaris. The southern biscuit chain serves “serves brunch style comfort food with a modern twist” and after much anticipation, they opened the doors at 1310 Polaris Pkwy last week.

I grew up in a biscuit house. No one was choosing rolls at Bob Evans. From plain drop biscuits to biscuits and gravy, it was the preferred breakfast bread in our house by a long shot.

Biscuits are nostalgic, they remind me of home and my family, and I can be pretty picky about them. I try to go into every restaurant we try with an open mind and Maple Street Biscuit Company was no exception.

The menu is straightforward. At the top, you’ll find their selection of signature biscuits, followed by some southern-inspired dishes, and then a variety of side dishes and coffee drinks.

After spending a few minutes deliberating, we decided on The Squawking Goat and The Sticky Maple. Like most of their signature biscuits, they were fried chicken bases.

The Squawking Goat was actually featured on the Food Network, and now that I’ve had it, I totally get why. The biscuit sandwich includes fried chicken tenders and roasted goat cheese. The whole thing rests on a plate of sweet-not-spicy pepper jelly.

I loved the flavor combination. It was the perfect balance between sweet and savory, plus the toasted goat cheese was delightful.

The Sticky Maple was a simpler dish, a biscuit made with fried chicken and pecan wood bacon, covered in artisan maple syrup. Both were genuinely yummy, but I have to admit that both the syrup and the jam were a little too heavily poured for my personal taste.

To round out our breakfast adventure, we ordered a side of crispy potatoes and I couldn’t have been happier that we did. They were genuinely some of the best fried potatoes I’ve ever had, achieving that perfect balance of crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

The restaurant itself isn’t huge, but once warmer weather hits, I can see the patio being a great spot for brunch with the besties. Especially if you plan on ordering some mimosas, which come in three different flavors.

The service was great, our food came out quickly, and the restaurant was clean and well-decorated. If you’re a lover of breakfast foods, it’s definitely worth a visit. You can learn more about the restaurant by visiting