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This Amazing Tourism Video Shows Off Columbus’ 90s Vibes

The 1990s were a weird, cool time.

Part of my love of the 90s is almost certainly nostalgia for my childhood, but it was also just a really great time to be alive. The fashion was underrated, the music was the bomb, and everyone was a fan of Michael Jordan.

Here in Columbus, things were picking up. The population of the city was starting to grow and Columbus was looking to attract more tourists.

In 1993, the Greater Columbus Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce produced a video to entice travelers to stop by the Capital City. The video, although painfully 90s at times shows off the downtown life with glimpses of the bucolic countryside. There’s even a swan.

I love Columbus right now, but this video did show off a few things that I wish would make a comeback. Most importantly, paddle boats. I don’t know why we stopped having them along the Scioto River, but I would absolutely love for them to make a triumphant return to the Scioto Mile. Who can make this happen?

You can check out the full video below, but be prepared to be transported to 1993 Columbus, my friends.