Zoe Cafe In Bexley Has Closed And Harvest Pizzeria Is Moving In

Zoe Cafe in Bexley closed on Sunday, without warning, posting a message on their front door saying the concept would eventually return, and that Harvest Pizzeria would be moving into the space at 2376 E Main St in Bexley:

Zoe Cafe Bexley Closed

Zoe Cafe had its ups and downs, which can be seen in their mixed Yelp reviews.

This will be the 5th Harvest Pizzeria, and the 4th in central Ohio, joining existing locations in German Village, Clintonville, and Dublin.

The pizza game in Bexley was cutthroat before, with local iconic restaurants Bexley Pizza Plus, Anthony’s, throwback Rubino’s, and the usual national chains. Adding Harvest will further heighten the competition, but all to the benefit of the east side pizza connoisseur. How long until we get a Bexley Pizza Festival?

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