11 Spectacular Reasons You Need To Get Yourself To Yellow Springs

Nestled in the quiet countryside of southwestern Ohio is an idyllic little town, waiting to give you the best weekend of your life.

There are a million reasons to go to Yellow Springs. Their town slogan is “Everyone’s favorite place” and they are so right!

Whether you’re looking for an active day of riding your bike on the Little Miami Scenic Trail or checking out the waterfalls of Glen Helen, or you’re just in Yellow Springs for the pizza and the people, you will have an amazing day.

Yellow Springs, or YS for short, is our very own Star’s Hollow. The people are friendly, the food is delicious, and there are even felt flowers decorating the lamp posts, trees, and just about any other surface.

But if I had to narrow it down, I’d say there are 11 reasons why everyone needs to get their booties down to Yellow Springs this summer… and yes, Dave Chappelle is one of them.

11.) John Bryan State Park

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The most basic reason that most people visit YS is to take advantage of their beautiful scenery. John Bryan State Park is a 752-acre park, with a limestone gorge, plenty of waterfalls, and beautiful views of the Little Miami River. Spend an afternoon playing disc golf, canoeing from Jacoby Road, fishing, picnicking or hiking one of the many scenic trails.

10.) Yellow Springs Brewery

The dream of owners Nate Cornett and Lisa Wolters was to create great beer in their beloved town. What started as a micro-brewery in 2013 has grown into a 15-barrell, full-fledged brewery. In addition to their taproom, Yellow Springs Brewery also offers free, guided tours every Saturday at 4 p.m. There’s no need to make a reservation, just bring yourself, your friends, and a desire to learn about amazing craft beer!

9.) Springsfest

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On July 8, there is only one place in Ohio you need to be. The 2nd Annual Springsfest in YS. Tickets are already on sale, and you’ll find plenty of great music filling the lineup. You don’t want to miss Columbus natives MoJoFlo, who are headlining this year! Tickets can be purchased here.

8.) Peach’s Grill

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After a day of frolicking through Yellow Springs, nothing quite hits the spot like a mixed-drink from Peach’s Grill. Their rockin’ patio and convenient location in the heart of town will have you wishing you could stay just one more day.

7.) Ha Ha Pizza

I’m going to be honest with you. Ha Ha Pizza will probably be hot, crowded, and you’ll may wait longer than you’re used to for a pizza. But honestly, you won’t care. The pizza is delicious, the people are extra friendly, and you’ll still have a good time. Fair warning, you’ll be so consumed by dreams of Ha Ha’s that you may just take a trip down to Yellow Springs for the sole purpose of eating a large pie.

6.) Brandeberry Winery

If you’re feeling fancy, Brandeberry Winery is the place for you. This small but delicious vineyard is currently growing Vidal, Cayuga and Seyval grapes. With 1$ tastings and 8 wines to choose from, you’ll be one happy camper. If you aren’t sure yet if it’s worth the trip, you can sample some of Brandeberry’s finest at the Grove City Wine & Arts Fest on June 16! And, if you find a wine you adore, Brandeberry ships bottles anywhere in the state of Ohio for only $10.

5.) Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve

Just east of John Bryan State Park, you’ll find Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve. This 268-acre preserve has been a national landmark since 1968. Clifton Gorge is a great place to see rare wildflowers in the spring, and beautiful natural sites all year long. If you’re looking to catch the rapids and waterfalls, be sure to go after a day of rain. That’s when you’ll find the water flowing at its strongest.

4.) Street Fair

The iconic Yellow Springs Street Fair has two dates for you to come and see the town at its finest. On June 10 & October 14, more than 250 vendors, dozens of live performances, and tons of fun will be ready and waiting for you in YS. From 9 a.m. until 5 p.m., the vendors will line the streets, peddling handmade wares. From noon until 7 p.m. is the Music and Beer festival, and additional music on two stages from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. The festival is free and open to all, with the exception of pets, although, service animals are welcome!

3.) Dave Chappelle

Whether you’re strolling the streets during the Street Fair, or making a purchase (for a friend, I’m sure) at the Import House, there’s a solid chance you could run into comedian, Dave Chappelle. Chappelle’s father taught at Antioch College back in the 80s, and after spending the summers with his dad, he made his own permanent residence there later in life. Chappelle is usually happy to chat with fans, maybe snap a pic, and if you’re lucky, he might even crack a joke or two about you!

2.) Young’s Jersey Dairy Farm

What could possible rank above the opportunity to meet a comedic legend? Ohio’s best ice cream, that’s what. Young’s Dairy is an absolute, must-see, kind of place. Not only can you have a taste of that creamy deliciousness, you can pet some goats, play some mini-golf, or have a picnic in a walnut grove. Young’s Dairy Farm is the definition of family fun, so grab the kids and hit the road!

1.) Glen Helen Nature Preserve

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I may be biased, but some of my favorite memories have happened at Glen Helen Nature Preserve. And I’m not the only one. Fellow Navigator writer Madeline Keener attended Raptor Camp there in her formative years! In addition to the Raptor Center, this 1000 acre preserve is the perfect place to do some quiet reflection, practice photography, or just hike in the natural splendor of Ohio. Glen Helen is open to the public from dawn to dusk, 365 days a year, and don’t forget to stopby the Trailside Museum for some fun facts about the park.

If those things didn’t convince you to plan a weekend getaway to Yellow Springs, I don’t know what would. But since I’m sure that it did convince you, you may be looking for some more information. To see all the wonderful things that Yellow Springs has going on this summer, please visit their website.

I’ll pack the car, you make the playlist, and let’s roadtrip to the happiest place in Ohio!


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