WOSU Has Officially Broken Ground On Their New Media HQ And It Looks Insane

Something incredibly cool is coming to the corner of E 14th Ave. and Pearl Alley.

15+High is a project being developed by Campus Partners, and this $29 million building will be a real show-stopping part of it all.

The new home of WOSU Public Media, the headquarters will be a five-floor, 52,000 square foot facility that will include public spaces, studios, kids areas, and so much more.

“This new headquarters will be transformative for WOSU, but more importantly it significantly expands our ability to serve this growing community and the Ohio State campus,” said Tom Rieland, general manager of WOSU Public Media.

“Much more than just a structure, this space encourages public engagement through experiential activities and events, it’ll be a place for the community and students to create their own stories, a collaborative public space to discuss the primary issues facing our community and the world. This new facility provides a new model for public media across the country.”

Expected to open in 2021, the building will have a 2,200 sq. ft. community studio, an expanded newsroom, broadcast and performance studios, as well as a media learning lab.

Ohio State Executive Vice President and Provost Bruce A. McPheron said the new headquarters will help connect the new 15+HIGH district with the Ohio State University’s campus.

“Location matters. Proximity to campus will allow hundreds of students to have an experience with WOSU every year, creating regular connectivity to that academic core that we’ve referenced,” said McPheron. “WOSU will truly be reknit into the fabric that is the culture of this campus in a wholly new way.”

As a part of the “New Place. New Space. New Experience” campaign, individual and corporate donors, like L Brands Foundation and American Electric Power Foundation, have committed over $9.5 million towards the project.

“Throughout its history, the crossroads of campus and the University District neighborhood has been the gathering place for people of all walks of life,” said Amanda Hoffsis, President of Campus Partners. “How fitting that WOSU, a community treasure that seeks to inspire and connect through its programming, will have its home in the evolving 15+HIGH area. We are so excited to have WOSU become a part of the neighborhood.”

For more info about the new HQ, you can click here. To see some truly stunning renderings of what’s in store, keep scrolling!

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