Woodlands Backyard Is Building A Seasonal Dome For Year Round Volleyball

Volleyball doesn’t sound like much fun when it’s freezing cold out. But what if you could have a beer and stay a comfortable 72 degrees?

Woodlands Backyard announced that they will have a seasonal volleyball dome by next fall. The bar announced that they will dome the volleyball courts at Woodlands Backyard to allow for volleyball through the cold winter months.

“Starting next fall, we’re going to dome the courts off half the year, so it can be 72 degrees in there in the middle of January,” Woodland’s co-owner Ed Hastie told Columbus Underground. “We’ll also be building a really cool outdoor bar that attaches to the dome.”

According to Hastie, the dome will cover 6-7 sand volleyball courts. It should make it’s big debut in October or November 2018, assuming all goes according to plan.

Seriously, how cool is that? Don’t worry, it’s totally okay to be excited.


Featured image via Facebook

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