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What The Rock?! Announces Closure

Sad news from Clintonville today: What The Rock?! will be closing their brick and mortar location after 11 years in business.

The business will stay open through the holidays, with events in December:

  • Dec 02 Combat Rock: Punk Portraits by Rob Jones @ WTR?!
  • Dec 08 Festivus 2017 @ 400 West Rich
  • Dec 09 Festivus 2017
  • Dec 10 Festivus 2017
  • Dec 15 3Speed Sleigh @ WTR?!
  • Dec 24 XMAS EVE FINALE! @ WTR?!

It might be a cliche to talk about gentrification and rising rents every time a loved, unique store closes, but it seems particularly relevant here.

What The Rock?! had moved from the Short North to this Clintonville location in January of this year, and reading between the lines it isn’t tough to imagine overhead playing a factor, given the decision to close at the end of what was probably a one year lease at the current location.

Where do stores like this belong in Columbus? This is a concept that is extremely workable on a campus or in an arts district, but:

  • Our large campus is a Disney-fied corporate chain wonderland.
  • Our arts district has exploding rents and so is also moving towards corporate chains.

A city has lost something when stores like this have no place to go.

What The Rock?! will move online, and will continue with their events like Skeletonia Bike Ride at Greenlawn Cemetery, and Killer Craft Show.

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