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Westerville Residents Were Victims Of Hate Over The Weekend. They Responded With Love.

Westerville residents woke up to a hateful message around on their driveway Sunday morning.

Darren Thompson found the word “jew” written on his driveway in shaving cream.

“It’s disheartening when people want to spread fear and hatred but we were determined not to remove what was written on our driveway because we’re not ashamed,” Thompson told 10TV.

The Westerville Police are investigating the act of vandalism as a potential hate crime. Sadly, the shaving cream incident wasn’t the only act of racism in the area over the weekend.

Flyers, similar to those distributed earlier this summer in Clintonville, were found in the area. The hateful propaganda comes from the National Socialist Party, a group that promotes white nationalism and supremacy.

This time, the hate speech came complete with business cards and candy. It’s probably not what Kroger envisioned when selling their peppermint hard candies.

The police are investigating whether the two incidents are related.

In true Westerville fashion, the community came together, supporting love and inclusion, at a vigil held last night.

via Heckman for Westerville Facebook

Want to combat hate with love in your own community? Keep track of the hate groups operating in central Ohio, and show them what caring, supportive, and unified communities look like!


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