Watch Columbus Crew Fans Chant At Anthony Precourt

The Columbus Crew are rising to the occasion and giving Columbus fans just what they need.

In their first home game since Anthony Precourt announced his intentions to explore moving the team to Austin, the Crew blew away New York City FC, winning 4-1.

The crowd was beautifully spirited, chanting and standing the entire way through. They saved the best for last, letting Anthony Precourt know what the city thinks of him with a mildly profane chant that could be clearly heard on the ESPN broadcast.

It was a a surprise that Precourt even showed up. I’m sure he knew he was in for abuse.

Fans were forced to use a single entrance, and there are multiple Twitter reports of confiscated signs that must have gone too far.

Miss the game? Here are all four Crew goals:





The Crew will head to New York for the 2nd leg of this playoff series, and so long as they win, or keep the losing margin at 2 goals or less, (plus some away goal scenarios) they will be moving on to the conference finals. The dream scenario of an MLS cup presentation at Mapfre Stadium is still alive.

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