Vine + Forge Is Serving Up Killer Cocktails And Chic Vibes

Want to meet up for a drink? Let’s get fancy and go to the Crowne Plaza.

I’ll be honest, on the scale of fancy hotels I’m not quite sure where the Crowne Plaza normally ranks. But when you walk through the lobby into Vine + Forge, you’ll get why I’m considering it top tier.

The bar is swanky and modern. It feels bright and open and combined with its fantastic location at High and Nationwide, it’s the perfect place to grab a cocktail after work. The cocktail menu was created by Shawn Ford, expert mixologist and star of Bar Rescue. Let’s just say there’s a reason why John Taffer trusts this guy to make incredible cocktails.

I had the pleasure of trying the Joy + Pain, a red wine-based cocktail made with elderflower liqueur, blackberries, and cava. The drink was expertly crafted for me by a very chipper and friendly bartender and I had to keep myself from drinking it all at once.

All of the staff at Vine + Forge were helpful, knowledgeable, and great at making suggestions to patrons who weren’t sure about what to try out. The full kitchen won’t open until November, but in the meantime, bar-goers can choose from a selection of soups, charcuterie, or hummus boards.

If charcuterie and chill sounds like the perfect kind of night, then Vine + Forge is your next date destination, my friends. The bar is located at 33 E Nationwide Blvd. To take a closer look inside, keep scrolling.

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