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Video Footage Catches Car Driving Down A Bike Trail Redhanded

This car endangered two cyclists by illegally driving down a bicycle trail.

A couple of bicyclists got quite the scare earlier this week when a car passed them going the opposite direction on a bike path. The incident went down on the Camp Chase Trail just south of Sullivant Avenue.

The cyclist, who uploaded footage of the incident onto facebook May 14, said in the post that it’s a common occurrence there. People coming from the nearby apartments use the Greenway Trail as a quick shortcut to a connecting road. This endangers cyclists and pedestrians who may be using the trail, especially if they’re plugged into headphones or ear buds as many often do.

Metro Park officials plan on deterring future incidents with the use of signs and posts. They’re leaning away from using barriers that obstruct the middle of the pathways, however, saying that they also pose a threat to distracted joggers, especially at night.

As for the driver in the video, they may not be getting away scot-free. According to the Freinds of Camp Chase Trail Facebook page, Police enlarged the shot of the license plate and have used it to confront the owner at their home. Hopefully, this will serve as an example to deter others from doing the same.

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