Uber Teen Service Announced For Columbus

Most parents know that feeling. You know, the one where you’re supposed to leave work by 4 to take your sulky teenaged daughter to art class, but it’s 3:45 and you’re buried under a pile of work. Well, take a deep breath because ride-sharing program Uber has come up with a solution.

Offered in Seattle, Phoenix and now Columbus, Uber will allow families to create profiles together, and parents will be able to track their teen’s ride the whole time. The program is for teens between the ages of 13-17, and because the profile is a family profile, parents must approve trips.

“Uber’s teen option will provide my wife and I with much needed flexibility when it comes to getting our teens around town,” said Franklin County Commissioner John O’ Grady in a press release from Uber. “From sports practice to after-school pick-ups, we can now rely on Uber to provide safe and reliable rides for our teens, all at the push of a button.”

Uber considers safety to be the top priority for this program, adding features that allow parents to check on their kids ride both during and after. For more information, visit Uber.

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