Tupelo Doughnuts Has A New Kitchen Shop Serving Up Delicious Doughy Treats

The days of chasing the best donut food truck in Columbus are over.

Tupelo Doughnuts has opened up their new spot and they’re ready to serve you some delicious donuts and locally sourced coffee. Located at 2680 Bilingsley Rd, this new shop is just down the road from their old space and you can swing by Friday through Sunday from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. to get a taste for yourself.

The menu at Tupelo is so delightfully inventive. They have some classics that you can always find and some specials that rotate, which is how I got to sink my teeth into two of the most amazing donuts I’ve ever had, the S’mores donut and the Pineapple Mojito filled donut.

Although the fancier donuts are tempting (and worth it) fans of more classic styles won’t be disappointed either.

“If you like cake donuts, the Brown Butter Hazlenut Old Fashioned is probably the most popular. It goes fabulously with a cup of coffee,” said Jake Freisthler, who helms the kitchen at Tupelo. “We do free coffee Fridays, otherwise coffee is just $1.”

The coffee that’s served is a special blend, created by Cafe Brioso and Tupelo Donuts. When you swing by the shop for your visit, you can take your chances by walking-in and ordering or you can pre-order online through the Tupelo Doughnuts website.

No matter how you choose to order, you’ll be rewarded with delicious donuts, so that is what we call #winning.

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