This Central Ohio Carpet Cleaner’s TikTok Is So Satisfying To Watch

There’s something so wonderful about instant gratification.

As human beings, we all enjoy experiencing satisfaction, and there’s nothing quite like a viral cleaning video to do the trick. First Class Carpet Cleaning is a company here in Central Ohio focusing on cleaning upholstery, carpet, tile & grout, and cleaning after water damage.

Last month, a carpet cleaner from First Class Carpet Cleaning posted a quick TikTok cleaning the stairs at a frat house and it’s wild how much of a difference a dedicated cleaning can make. The video garnered over 3.1 million views on Tiktok. Since the success of that video in July, Tiktok user @anotherdumbass1 has uploaded more videos of the carpet cleaning process.


♬ original sound – Brian Henson780

If the videos inspire you to do a little carpet cleaning of your own, you can rent equipment from First Class Carpet Cleaning. Better yet, you can hire them to come and clean your carpets for you. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up in the next viral Tiktok!

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