This Artist Turned Strange Columbus Intersections Into Art

Anyone who grew up in Ohio knows that we have some funky intersections.

Sometimes they seem less interesting and more inconvenient, but artist Peter Gorman finds beauty in unconventional things. Gorman uses these unusual roadways as inspiration for his artwork.

“I started designing maps after I took a one-year, 11,000-mile bicycle trip around the United States and Canada,” Gorman said in an email. “I was lucky to get to experience so many different places, and I used these different locations as inspiration.”

After completing his cross-country journey, Gorman settled down in Seattle and began designing a map of the Emerald City. That was when he noticed some very strange intersections. Inspired by the uniqueness of it all, Gorman pulled out the shapes of the intersections and made them into a print. Like most of my favorite things on the internet, the designs were a hit on Reddit, and users began requesting similar prints for cities across the U.S.

Gorman offers 37 different Intersection designs, including the three big C’s in Ohio: Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland.

“It’s always fun to do new cities because I get to learn about their history, their layout, and a little bit about what life is like for people who live there,” said Gorman. “It also feels like visiting again.”

Gorman’s Intersection designs are available on his Etsy Store. They come in three sizes: 8×10 for $25, 11X14 for $30, and 13X19 for $38. For more info, or to see more designs by Gorman, please click here.

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