This Stunning Bar And Restaurant Is Surprisingly Found On The Second Floor Of A Giant Eagle

The Table in Bexley’s Market District is a unique place to grab a bite and a drink before finishing your shopping list.

When you think supermarket you don’t really think about a place to get your booze on, let alone a casual dining experience. Giant Eagle Market District in Bexley delivers both options from the second floor of its grocery store.

Walking in you almost feel like you’re entering any old grocery store. Sure there are a few extra artisan items here and there but for the most part, everything seems pretty on the level.

But then you walk up a few stairs, turn the corner, and BOOM.

You get this restaurant/lounge masterpiece.

The Table in Bexley’s Market District offers a solid collection of craft beers, wines, and a surprisingly well-stocked selection of whiskeys. The interior is stunningly put together. Lots of natural lighting pours in from outside and imitation greenery centers on each table, giving off an organic and natural feel.

Crisp, distinctive, lines and angles characterize the restaurant’s furnishings, projecting a sleek design and minimalist finish. You’re at once transported from your average shopping experience to a stylish uptown gastropub.

I was able to catch the patio on an especially cheerful day. With outdoor furniture and plenty of seating, it was more than just a place to eat, it was a great spot to relax and mingle.

The menu was more varied than I expected, rounded off nicely with custom cocktails and a draft list. Most of the beer seemed to be local or from breweries close to the area with two or three big names from farther away.

All in all, The Table is definitely worth scoping out during your lunch break or even for some pre-movie drinks before hitting up the Drexel. Don’t worry Columbus, you can totally have that date idea on the house. Visit them at 2250 E Main St, Bexley, OH 43209.

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