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Retro Radio: WCOL 92.3

WCOL 92.3 is an FM radio station broadcasting country music in Columbus, Ohio. It is the number one radio station in the city. WCOL's history dates back to 1948. The station originally aired different programming throughout the day which included a religious format during the daytime hours and rock music in the evening. From the…

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Retro Radio: WLVQ 96.3 QFM96

96.3 FM may not have always played rock music, but on February 14th, 1977, everything changed. At noon, they announced, "At this time WTVN-FM ceases to exist. We are now WLVQ-FM, to be known as Q-FM-96. We'll be playing Ohio's best rock. We know all you other radio stations are out there listening so watch…

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Retro Radio: WNCI 97.9

Did you know that WNCI used to broadcast classical music? It's true. Back in 1961, when the station went by the call letters WRFD, the radio station played Bach and Mozart. Fast forward many years, call numbers, and formats later, and you have one of the top radio stations in Columbus. WNCI plays Top 40…

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