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Sami Bossert Balances Being An Instagram Fitness Sensation, Personal Trainer, And Business Woman

Samantha "Sami" Bossert is a 29-year-old nurse, personal trainer, fitness enthusiast, small business owner, and Instagram extraordinaire. "When it comes to time management, it's been really tough. It's been a lot of multitasking," Bossert said with a laugh. Bossert never planned to become an Instagram sensation. It all started when she posted a video of herself…

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The Sunny 95 Morning Show: It’s All About The Chemistry

The Sunny 95 studio is just that, sunny. Large windows on either side of the booth let the natural light shine in. A large neon logo with a smiling sun hangs on the back wall. Radio equipment is placed on top of three desks that sit in a U-shape. Nicknacks sit around the sound boards ranging from a toy BB8 droid from Star Wars to coffee mugs with goofy sayings. But the thing that fills the WSNY studio every morning is laughter. Dino Tripodis and Stacy McKay are Columbus Radio royalty. With nearly a combined 50 years of industry experience, Dino and Stacy have become a household names in our city. I was given the chance to sit down and talk to the Sunny 95 Morning Show hosts. By the end of the interview my sides hurt from laughter. Part of what makes this duo so dynamic is their chemistry. There were times where they were more to tell each other's story then their own. Here are the highlights from my interview with WSNY’s Dino and Stacy.

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