Tacos Fogoncito Needs To Be Your Next Destination For Delicious Mexican Food

Is there anything better than going on a quest for the perfect meal? That’s what I got to do when I made the journey out to Tacos Fogoncito.

Okay, yes. I’m being ridiculous. It’s 20-30 minutes away from downtown, depending on traffic. Which isn’t bad at all. Especially once you get there and realize that you would travel even further than that just to get a bite of this amazing food.

The menu at Tacos Fogoncito is simple and satisfying, with the star of the show being their al pastor.

The decor at the restaurant is simultaneously kitchy and modern.

And they get bonus points for having the best Coca Cola in the world, aka Mexican bottled Coca Cola.

We started our meal with chips and guacamole. I enjoyed the texture of the guac so much, with chunks of tomato, avoacodo, and onion being very apparent.

The menu has a lot of different options. The Chupacabras feeds two people and comes with a smorgasbord of grilled peppers, meat, rice, and more, along with a side of tortillas.

We ordered a burrito thinking we’d just give it a shot and it ended up being our favorite menu item. The tortilla was alittle crispy and it held together so well, which means we got to enjoy every bite with out having to pick up a fork.

I’ve had tacos al pastor before, but I had never had it in a burrito, and now I’m kicking myself asking, “Why did you wait so long to try this?”

Of course, you can’t go to Tacos Fogoncito and not get tacos. They were only $2 a pop and I could probably eat them every day for the rest of my life and be completely fine with it.

Tacos Fogoncito is located at 1909 SR 256 in Reynoldsburg. They are open every day from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. For more info, you can visit them on Facebook.

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