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Do you have the heart of an explorer? Blessed with an unencumbered lifestyle? This might be for you.

SkyHi is a subscription air travel service. Travelers from Columbus can fly all over the country, as well as into Canada and Mexico, all for $199 and a small flat rate for individual flights. So long as you’re a fit to maximize the value, this is a total gamechanger for flying out of CMH.

How does SkyHi work?

Screenshot of SkyHi process

For a flat rate price of $199 a month, you receive up to 5 one-way flights. These flights have to be booked no more than 10 days out, and will then start at $35. The pricing:

  • Membership: $199 a month
  • Flights 0-1000 miles: $35
  • Flights 1000-2000 miles: $75
  • Flights 2000-3000 miles: $120

Prices stay the same, even if it’s a busy date.

Once you are signed up, you open the app, pick where you want to go, and claim your seat. Since these flights are one way, you can string them together for one multi-stop vacation, or you can do a couple of round trips each month.

Who is this for?

I hesitated to highlight this because while it’s a potentially life-changing

service, the limitations mean it’s only viable for a certain kind of person at a certain point in life. Some use cases:

  • The business traveler: the biggest no brainer would be for business use where a person knows they’ll be flying to certain destinations on a regular basis. This sort of use would offer cost certainty, if not outright savings (but probably it would save money too.) Freelancers (photographers?) who know they will be traveling on assignment but aren’t sure of the where and when until it’s time to go could also benefit from a service like this.
  • The long distance dater: Dating someone 600 miles away? This makes it much less of a hassle to see them multiple times a month.
  • The solo traveler: A person who is wanting to travel and has little to no encumbrances like children at home, regular responsibilities, or other limitations. You have to want to travel frequently, and alone. This isn’t a service for planning family vacations. The $199 a month membership fee would make it impractical because flying with children 5x a month probably isn’t happening.
  • The explorer: The person who is willing to try lots of different destinations and who wants to see many different areas they maybe normally wouldn’t visit without access to a service like SkyHi.

The Limitations Of Subscription Air Service

The biggest roadblock to this being useful for more people is simply the fact that the average person can’t travel enough to make a service like this cost effective. To best take advantage, you’d need the flexibility to be able to take off for all five flights per month. There’s a sweet spot in a person’s life where something like this might be viable.

The Future Of Cheap Air Travel?

If air travel stays cheap, would it be a surprise if budget airlines moved to offer subscription services? It would be a viable way to induce demand, and, while some people would max out their plan without fail, many probably wouldn’t use every flight, every month, offering potential profit for a bold airline like Allegiant or Spirit.

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