Get Creative And Win $500 In The “Stuck at Home” Short Film Contest

The Greater Columbus Film Commission announced today the creation of the “Stuck at Home” Short Film Contest.

The contest is open to anyone in the film industry in Franklin and the contiguous counties with cash prizes going to six films in two categories with a top prize of $500. The contest kicked off yesterday and runs through April 15. Once the submissions are in, industry professionals will judge the films.

“I’m really concerned about our local crew that work in the film industry,” says Film Commissioner John Daugherty. “These folks are freelancers and are in crisis mode trying to keep up with bills and expenses. We hope this contest will help a little both financially and mentally. Staying busy and having a creative outlet is very important.”

The contest is split up into two categories. There is a “under 60 second” category and a “1-5 minute” category. Cash prizes range from $100-$500. In addition, there is an audience award winner with a $500 cash prize that will be split between the filmmaker and the musician/band providing the soundtrack.

Film Columbus is partnering with the Columbus Music Commission to provide soundtracks for the winning films from local musicians. Bruce Garfield, executive director of the Music Commission, is also providing cash prizes to the musicians for their winning soundtracks. “We’re thrilled to present the opportunity for our music community to participate in this creative project. Big time thanks to John Daugherty and all that support our Film Commission”

Several films that were supposed to be shooting gin late spring and early summer have been postponed, causing production to come to a halt.

“I felt it was really important to show our support in any way we can. We have a very limited budget, I wish we could provide larger cash prizes, but we’re doing what we can,” said Daugherty. “And every little bit helps our local cast and crew. With a possible total prize haul of $750 we hope this helps.”

To level the playing field, and to put emphasis on storytelling and creativity, all the films must be shot and edited on a smartphone. All requirements and information can be found on the Film Columbus website.

I can’t wait to see your submissions, creative film folks of Columbus!

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