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State Representative Kathleen Clyde Announces Campaign For Ohio Secretary Of State

State Representative Kathleen Clyde will be running for Ohio Secretary of State in the 2018 election. She kicked off her campaign today at the King Arts Complex, pledging to bring accountability and transparency to the state office.

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At her campaign launch, Clyde criticized Republican leadership. “Our state leaders are only making things worse,” she remarked, “their outdated way of doing things, their lack of transparency, and their same old stale ideas and misplaced priorities continue to favor those who are already doing just fine while so many Ohioans get left behind.”

Kathleen Clyde has been well known for championing voter’s rights, opposing current Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted’s plan to allow online voter registry but not allowing enough time to cast absentee ballots. She’s sought to extend voting hours and introduced legislation for automatic voting registration. “Whether you work nine to five and support a family or are retired and need assistance getting to the polls, I will ensure registration is simple, you have every opportunity to vote, and your vote is counted.”

Clyde has served on several committees including State Government and Elections with its Subcommittee on Redistricting. She is also a graduate of the Michael E. Moritz College of Law at The Ohio State University. The Garrettsville-born Democrat represents the 75th district and has served in the House since 2011.

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