Spend This Father’s Day At The Zoo For Free With The Kiddos

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium will celebrate Father’s Day by offering free admission to dads and granddads on Sunday.

The deal applies with paid admission for the kiddos. The zoo is also giving a shout-out to the ten new animal dads that are with them, such as Leo the gibbon.

What can I say about the dads out there to honor their contributions? They changed our diapers and cleaned our drool. They made sure we knew when we were misbehaving and made us better for it. They make us laugh — or at least try to — with their jokes. They even try to make the waitress laugh whenever the family goes out to eat.

Dads, now you can test some more jokes while you and your munchkins admire the animal kingdom. Here’s one to get you started: Why did the zebra beat the horse at chess? Because he’s A-frican genius.

I leave the rest to you. The zoo is a big place with lots of animals, so there should be plenty of opportunities to test your material. Make sure you swing by and see polar bears Amelia Gray, Neva, and Nuniq.

You can also enjoy rides such as the Dinosaur Island boat ride and 4-D Theater for a small fee. You can also get access to the rides by purchasing a Zoo-It-All wristband for $14.99 each. Make sure your phone is charged, so you can take plenty of pictures and have memories to look back on.

And kids, if you’re still looking for a good gift, be sure to check out our local shopper’s gift guide.

Featured image via Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

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