You Should Definitely Get “Smashed” At Smallcakes Gahanna

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Gahanna with a rowdy trio of boys.

They were going a little stir crazy after a rainy day spent at the grocery store, and I couldn’t legally ditch them because they’re my kids.  Luckily, I had read this article and realized that a little bribery never hurt anybody. After finishing up our errands, I surprised them with a trip to Smallcakes at their new location on Hamilton Road.

Unlike some of you Food Network junkies, I’d never heard of this franchise, or seen their treats on Cupcake Wars. So while this location is locally owned and operated, and the first in Ohio, it is part of a larger chain, with more than 200 locations nationwide.

We were lured in by a Facebook photo featuring their famed “Smash” dessert. You choose a cupcake, two scoops of ice cream, and either caramel or marshmallow topping. It’s huge, almost too much for one person, but super delicious and fun to customize.

via facebook

Two of my dining companions chose the “Smash” so I was able to sample multiple flavors, when they weren’t looking, of course. Both the ice cream and the cupcakes are made fresh daily, and there’s a rotating selection of flavors.

We sampled the ‘cookies n creme’ and ‘chocolate cream’ cupcakes, with mint chocolate chip and red velvet ice creams. All received an enthusiastic two thumbs up from my miniature ice cream experts.  And seriously, we live in the unofficial ice cream capital of Columbus, with a Graeter’s, Jeni’s, and Johnson’s all within walking distance, so these kids know their stuff.

The youngest of my brood had a single scoop of vanilla bean, and really, sometimes the simple choice is the best choice.  You can really tell that the ice cream is fresh and at a place famed for their baked goods, the same amount of care seems to be put into the extras.

The location itself was easy to find, it’s conveniently in the same strip as Home Goods so you best believe we made a stop there, too.  The decor is farmhouse inspired and casual.  Our service was prompt and friendly, and it was nice to feel like we were welcome, despite some less than ideal table manners, though I’m not pointing any fingers. 👇

We will definitely be back, I’d like to sample more of the actual cupcakes, as the few bites I was able to commandeer were delicious. I really want to try the Birthday Cake flavor, and I’m sure our old mutt would enjoy a ‘pup cake.’ You can also call ahead and order mini cupcakes or a dozen or more assorted for your next party, or in my case, the next time you need a good bribe over summer vacation. Smallcakes is located at 1249 N Hamilton Rd, in Gahanna.

Get your sweet on, Columbus.


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