6 Restaurants That Keep It Simple When You’re Done With Trendy

If you’re like me there’s only so much craft made, gluten-free, organic anything that you can take.

Look, I love hip, trendy restaurants as much as the next guy. With their catchy but ironic names and their salads inefficiently served in mason jars (What is that even? How am I supposed to eat that?)

But sometimes I’ve just had it up to my ironic trucker hat with beatnik breakfast shops and deconstructed taco stands. That’s why it’s time to take a break from the bougie and dive back into the good old-fashioned gastro standbys. Here’s a list of all the places in Columbus we love to let our hair down at and chow on comfort food in peace.

Ringside Cafe

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I’m talking, pound for pound, one of the best burger shops in the city here. This place has some pretty old roots in Columbus and it rocks a cool boxing theme with awesome fight paraphernalia on the wall. Definitely the place to hit up when you want to pig out on a delicious burger but you don’t want to be judged by some techno-organic health nut. Leave your diet at home, it’ll be there for you in the morning, trust me.
Where: 19 N Pearl St, Columbus, OH 43215

Tip Top Kitchen

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Tip Top serves great American staples that don’t pretend to be more than what it is. Real salt of the earth stuff that will stick to your ribs and leave you feeling satisfied long after the last bite. I’m talking middle-class food on a working-class budget while you toss back drinks with lower-class friends. Eat and be one with the proletariat comrade. Na Zdorovie.
Where:  73 E Gay St, Columbus, OH 43215

Johnnie’s Tavern

Johnnie’s is another awesome burger joint. This little-known gem in the city is “the home of the super burger”. You can get it dressed with your own choice of cheeses and toppings and paired with your choice of deep-fried sides (you do purchase them separately, but no one can eat a burger without fries). So what if you get a little ketchup on your lap? There are no judgments here friend.
Where:  3503 Trabue Rd, Columbus, OH 43204

Cornerstone Deli & Cafe

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So yeah, Chinese and deli food is a pretty odd combination to expect on any menu, but Cornerstone pulls it off without even trying. It’s the perfect place to go when you need to appease that one friend who finds it impossible to ever make up a decision on what they want to eat. Me, I’m saying it’s perfect for me. Hey, sometimes I’m in the mood for a good Monte Cristo, sometimes I want sesame chicken, and sometimes I want a- (GASP!) …Oh my god, a sesame chicken Monte Cristo… That. I want that.
Where:  3296 N High St, Columbus, OH 43202

La Super Torta

A while back I said this place had the best Cuban sandwich I’ve ever had and I continue to stand by it. Not only that but the service is super nice and helpful if you need assistance deciding what to pick. (Sigh) We just went over this, I’m awful at deciding stuff and I’m sorry. But there you are Columbus, sitting there, judging a guy just trying to enjoy his own freedom of choice. You know who’s not so judgey? Super-Awesome-Super-Torta-Cashier-Guy. He gets me. Unlike you, Columbus.
Where: 721 Georgesville Rd, Columbus, OH 43228

The Pit

So you want to eat simple, delicious, and filling? Stop what you’re doing and head to The Pit. With several locations around the city, your favorite BBQ comfort goodness is never too far away. From the pulled pork to the cornbread, you’ll leave The Pit feeling so cozy and incredibly full.
Where: Various locations

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