20 Signs You Eat, Sleep, And Breathe Columbus

You know you are from Columbus if…

1.) You go on vacation and take pictures of yourself spelling out “O-H-I-O” with your family and friends.


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2.) All other zoos pale in comparison to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. We’re pretty spoiled. 

3.) You own a shirt that says “614” or “Cbus.” Or you’re about to order one right now here.

4.) You say you’re from Columbus, then specify what neighborhood or suburb you’re actually from.



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5.) You have pretty strong feelings when you see this guy. 

6.) You’ve cruised through the city on your bicycle at least once. Well, you’ve attempted to, anyway.


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7.) The Arnold Sports Festival comes around once a year to inspire/shame you to get into better shape.


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8.) You’ve experienced all four seasons in the span of a week. Weather in the midwest is nuts, right?

9.) You have at least one funny story to tell about that one time on campus.

10.) You’ve stuffed yourself at dime-a-dog night at Huntington Park.

11.) You’ve eaten ice cream from at least 3 different ice cream shops in one week. 

12.) You get riled up at Blue Jackets games when a fight breaks out on the ice.


tfw you realize there are only 15 games left in the regular season. #CBJ

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13.) You have to flip a coin to decide whether to go Polaris Fashion Place or Easton Town Center.


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14.) You’ve sampled coffee from all the best local spots, like Crimson Cup, Upper Cup, and Mission.

15.) You’ve battled through the crowds at Red White and BOOM! to get the best view possible and then left before the grand finale was over to beat traffic.


“You are the fireworks in my starless sky” #ohio #redwhiteandboom2016 #photography #columbus

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16.) You’re well aware that OSU isn’t the only great school in our neck of the woods. Schools like Columbus State, Capital University, Otterbein University, Ohio Dominican, and the Columbus School of Art and Design are just around the corner.

17.) The traffic on 71, 270, or 670 are an infurating part of your day-to-day life.


Every. Single. Morning. 0.00 mph. #RushHour #CBus #ColumbusTraffic #WorkingClassHero

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18.) You are a fan of craft beer.

19.) You never hesitate to respond to “O-H” with “I-O.”

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