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Short North Prepares to Implement New Parking Regulations

This Wednesday, the city plans on holding a public meeting to discuss plans on updating parking in the Short North.

In 2015, utilizing surveys and stakeholder interviews, a study was conducted to determine the obstacles and problems with parking in the area. It discovered that, in addition to a lack of parking availability, development of the area and a lack of a residential parking permit program has only served to add more pressure to an already inconvenient situation.

Some of the proposed changes include:

  • Consolidating parking regulations by districts, as opposed to an hourly, by street basis.
  • A revised permit program for residents.
  • Restructuring prices for parking based on demand.
  • Expanding public parking supply.

With rezoned parking, the plan is to address the two separate but equally important needs of both residents and commercial fronts. Providing more parking and transportation options for visitors and shoppers would, in turn, relieve pressure on anyone who actually happens to live in the area. Each parking zone will be priced accordingly, with the ones closest to Highstreet charged higher hourly (around $1.50) and the further out charged much less ($0.75).

In addition, creating affordable parking permits for residents reduces the need to park closer to shop fronts, which also alleviates parking shortages for shops and restaurants. Permits are being estimated at a yearly cost of $50 while also offering guest passes from 1 to 30 days.

Columbus City Council will initiate voting on the issue March 27th. Once comments have been heard and the parking proposal has been customized, a pilot trial period will begin for the duration of two years, a period that can start as early as 2018.

via Short North Arts District Facebook

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