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13 Columbus Things That Will Make You Say “I Need This”

Searching for a little retail therapy?

If you’re looking to treat yo’ self, please consider one of these glorious items that do Columbus proud. I apologize in advance for the gaping hole that was once your wallet.

Spice up your life (and your hands) with some new nail polish

Get yours at James Robert John for $18.

Grab something green and try to keep it alive.

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Plant prices vary. Get yours at STUMP.

Get fully relaxed in a hot bath with these epic bath bombs.

via Glenn Avenue Soap Company
Purchase a 3-pack from Glenn Avenue Soap Company for $10.

Induldge your sweet tooth with what should be the state food of Ohio.

via Anthony Thomas
Grab a 6 pack Buckeye Box from Anthony Thomas for $4.95

Treat Yo Self to the drink of the gods… aka mead.

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Guzzle down this bottle of Apple Pie Mead for $24 from Brothers Drake Meadery.

You can never be too prepared, and perfectly fried potatoes make the perfect afternoon snack.

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Snag a 12-pack for $24 on OH! Chips website.

This delightful little jar of wax will brighten your day, no doubt about it.

via Friendly Candle
Light it up, after you give Friendly Candle $15, that is.

You don’t need that giant wallet you got at Target a few years ago. What you need is this super sleek one that will change your life.

The Cabana Wallet will cost you $38 from

I bought this jam at the farmers market once and I’ve been hooked ever since. Let me introduce you to your next obsession.

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Scope out where Impossible Jams will be next so you can get a jar for yourself.

I’m basic and I know it. It’s okay if you’re too cool to admit that you like Jeni’s. But we all know you’re going to enjoy this pint.

A pint of Salty Caramel will cost you $12 over at Jeni’s.

You need these earrings. I need these earrings. We all need these earrings.

via The Smithery
Dress up your ‘lobes with these Criss Cross Hoops by Samantha Skelton, available at The Smithery for $135.

Everyone deserves something lovely to look at, which is why a print from illustrator Logan Schmitt should definitely be on your list of stuff to spend money on.

via Logan Schmitt
This regal pheasant from Logan Schmitt could be yours for $35.

Keep your bevs cold, like Columbus in the winter, with this C-Bus koozie.

via Wholly Craft
It’s $5 from Wholly Craft and it will pay for itself in all the beer it keeps chilly.

Get shopping, Y’all. These things won’t order themselves!


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