Rep. Laura Lanese Is Pushing For Shelter Animals To Become The Official Pet Of Ohio

Rep. Laura Lanese (R-Grove City), who has made a name for herself in the animal rescue community, is pushing for legislation that would make a shelter pet Ohio’s Official State Pet.

As the owner of two shelter rescues, Lanese feels strongly that Ohio should be doing more for its animals in shelters.

“When you see photos or see (shelter pets) in person, you see the dejected look in their eyes,” Lanese told The Columbus Dispatch. “Hopefully, this is something that will spread the word to those who are less-informed on this issue,” Lanese said.

Ohio wouldn’t be the first state to take such steps. California, Colorado, Georgia, and Tennessee have already designated rescued pets as state animals.

Lanese also introduced a bill earlier in the summer that would allow dogs on the patios of restaurants and bars.

“This legislation gives businesses the freedom to decide for themselves whether or not to allow dogs on their patios,” Lanese said in a press release in June.

“It is also a recognition of the importance of animals in our lives. We already have pet-friendly hotels, pet-friendly parks, and pet-friendly events. It’s a good opportunity for marketing our state as pet-friendly for tourism purposes as many travelers want to bring their pets along with them while they travel,” said Lanese.

State legislators return to session in September.

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