First Look At Serendipity Labs, The Ultra Chic Coworking Space Coming To Short North

Serendipity Labs paid 💸 for us to come and check out their new Short North location and share our trip with you. But rest assured, all thoughts and opinions contained within are genuine and our own. 👍🏼

Finding the perfect office space can be stressful.

There are so many elements that come into play when you’re looking for an office space that fits the needs of your business. Do you want a private office for just you? Or maybe you have a small team who will need space as well? Perhaps you don’t even need a dedicated space, just somewhere to get out of your house for a few hours.

That’s where coworking comes in. Coworking is a different approach to traditional work environments. The gist is simple: there are shared workplace amenities such as kitchen spaces, conference rooms, and office supplies that are used by a variety of workers who are employed with different organizations. Coworking is appealing to work-at-home professionals, entrepreneurs, independent contractors, small business owners, and creatives who benefit from leaving the solitary office life behind.

Coworking offers workers who may otherwise be isolated a chance to have a work community. It often leads to networking opportunities as well as encouraging a sense of belonging.

Serendipity Labs Downtown

Serendipity Labs is taking coworking to the next level. The furnished offices offer many amenities to members with a variety of prices and packages. At their 21 E State St. location, Serendipity Labs has both dedicated office space and common areas, depending on what clients need for their business. Members have access to conference rooms, as well as a shared kitchen area, soundproof rooms for private calls or video chats, and a larger meeting room that accommodates up to 40 people for presentations and can be rented for events.

No More Awkward “Having A Professional Client Meeting At Starbucks” Moments

The office is modern and sleek, but it maintains a comfortable vibe, with amazing views out every window of the heart of downtown Columbus, Capitol Square. Serendipity Labs offers full concierge and support services to members, meaning that as soon as a visitor arrives to meet with a member, they are greeted, offered complimentary coffee or water, and seated in the waiting area while the member is contacted. It offers an air of professionalism that small business owners may not have the opportunity to otherwise provide.

There’s also a draw for larger businesses. Office is being remodeled and you need a temporary home for your employees? Serendipity Labs can have you and your workers registered and ready to work within 24-hours.

Serendipity Labs Downtown

After just a few minutes at the office, I began to understand it’s allure. There are quiet spaces, but it also has that distinct office energy, that kind of pulsating, driving force that inspires you to do something amazing. There were people throughout the coworking space, some casually chatting, others deeply focused.

The walls were adorned with local art and the private office areas were quiet, clean, and modern. It’s the kind of place you’d not only feel comfortable bringing potential clients in for a meeting but one you’d be excited about.

In addition to workspaces, Serendipity Labs helps members achieve a high level of professionalism by offering mail services, high-speed encrypted internet, phone services, and even 24/7 access to the office. The office at 21 E State Street also qualifies for the C-Pass, a public transportation initiative which provides free COTA Bus access to workers within a specific area.

Serendipity Labs Downtown

The New Serendipity Labs: Short North

While the downtown location caters to slightly more traditional business people, Serendipity Labs is opening a new location in the Short North that may be more appealing to creative business owners.

The new spot, located at 886 N. High Street, is part of the ever-changing skyline in the Short North. Serendipity Labs will take up two floors of the building, offering common area space, dedicated offices, and a feature not offered at Capitol Square, dedicated desks.

Large common area at Serendipity Labs Short North location, 886 N. High Street

The common area working option is sort of like a library or coffee shop. You can walk in and find a great place to hunker down and get some work done. But you aren’t guaranteed that exact spot every day.

Dedicated desks are sort of halfway in between the common area space and dedicated offices. Clients who elect to have a dedicated desk are guaranteed their spot will be there when they come in, as they will be the only workers assigned to that desk and will have access to secured drawers for personal/business items.

Stunning views of North High Street at Serendipity Labs Short North location, 886 N. High Street

The most stunning feature of the Short North location is the outdoor space. On the top floor, a massive patio offers amazing views of High Street. There will be patio furniture so members can work outside if they choose, and the patio will also be available to rent for events.

Rooftop Patio at Serendipity Labs Short North.

One exciting office at the Serendipity Labs Short North is an office facing High Street. Instead of traditional windows, the room has a huge garage door. The track hangs carefully above the lighting fixtures, offering the lucky future tenant the opportunity to let the outdoors in by opening essentially the entire wall up.

Serendipity Labs Short North

Perhaps the most surprising thing about coworking at Serendipity Labs is the price. The Coworking 15 package offers 15 Coworking visits per month during business hours with access to the Lab Café and Worklounge, Monday through Friday, starting at $99/month. Your very own dedicated office starts out at $499/month, and that comes with 24/7 lab access and a multitude of other amenities.

Serendipity Labs in the Short North will officially open August 1. For more details, you can learn about the Short North location here and the Downtown location here.

Check out more photos from both locations below.

The reception area at Serendipity Labs at 21 E State Street.
Coworking space at Serendipity Labs at 21 E State Street.
Kitchen area at Serendipity Labs at 21 E State Street.
Serendipity Labs at 21 E State Street.
Private office at Serendipity Labs at 21 E State Street.
A conference room at Serendipity Labs at 21 E State Street.
Mail room at Serendipity Labs at 21 E State Street.
Private office at Serendipity Labs at 21 E State Street.
Common area at Serendipity Labs at 21 E State Street.
Plans for the new Short North location of Serendipity Labs
Serendipity Labs at 886 N. High Street
Construction is nearing completion at Serendipity Labs Short North location, 886 N. High Street
Private offices at Serendipity Labs Short North location, 886 N. High Street
The huge patio space at Serendipity Labs Short North location, 886 N. High Street

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