7 Sea Lions Are Coming To The Columbus Zoo

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If you voted in favor of the most recent levy that increased funding for the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, I owe you a big thank you. Because of that funding, a group of sea lions will now call the Columbus Zoo home.

The details of the upcoming state of the art habitat haven’t been released yet, but you can bet that the enclosure will have a similar, natural vibe to the Polar Frontier and Heart of Africa.

Seven California sea lions have already made their way from Shanghai, China to their temporary home in Florida while the enclosure is being built. They will break ground this fall, with the sea lions expected to be on full display by 2019.

“We are excited about this new habitat because sea lions are very social and physical animals; we know our visitors will enjoy and learn from them,” said President and CEO Tom Stalf.

“Once the habitat opens in 2019, Columbus Zoo animal trainers will show guests how they work with the sea lions to keep the animals healthy, and explain how guests can help protect sea lions – even here from Ohio.”

Stalf insists that animal care is the highest priority for the zoo, stating that there are two full-time employees living with the sea lions while they’re in Florida. They’re also working to design an amazing habitat for them here in Ohio.

The newest additions to the zoo family are as follows:

  • Ayla, a female born in 2000 (pronounced AY-lah)
  • Baby, a female born in 2006
  • Bodega, a male born in 1996
  • Harley, a male born in 2006
  • Nana, a femae born in 2006
  • Qizai, a male born in 2006 (pronounced CHIT-zee)
  • Simba, a male born in 2006

For more information about the sea lions, click here.

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