Big Changes At The Scioto Peninsula Project, Including A New Developer

Back in January, it was announced that Buckingham Cos. had come out on top in the battle for the $500 million Scioto Peninsula project. Now, Buckingham is out, and the Columbus Downtown Development Corporation (CDDC) will be taking over.

Four major developers were competing to win the contracts, so Buckingham’s withdrawal has raised some eyebrows. According to a report by Columbus Underground, it could have had something to do with the development of losing a potential client.

“We did chase a couple of large commercial opportunities, one of which has not panned out, and (Buckingham) was really focussed on that effort,” Guy Worley, President and CEO of the CDDC, told CU.

Original Scioto Peninsula Concept by Robert A.M. Stern Architects

The timeline will remain unaffected, according to Worley, who still anticipates the completion of the project within ten years. Officials are now anxiously awaiting a decision from Amazon, as to whether or not Columbus will be chosen for their new headquarters. If the city becomes the new home of the company, officials hope to include Amazon in the plans for the area.

As the CDDC takes over the project, they hope to parcel out the land and involve multiple developers. A new round of requests for potential developers will be sent out, offering developers the opportunity to build out smaller parcels for office, hotel, and retail use.