Stadium rendering proposed by #SaveTheCrew over the summer.

Save The Crew Has Put Forth A Mind-Blowing Downtown Stadium Proposal

Before today I would have called Save The Crew one of the more remarkable citizen’s groups I’ve seen in my life, and now they’ve gone and topped themselves. Feast your eyes on “The Future Stadium of the Columbus Crew: a new home for the Columbus soccer community, prepared by Save The Crew”:

Save the Crew stadium view

Please take the time to scroll through the entire pdf proposal, but here are some highlights:

  • Arena District location, commonly viewed as the most logical place to put a new Crew stadium
  • Beautiful view of downtown
  • Four futsal fields will be available to the public at all times
  • 22,587 seat capacity
  • Team museum, event venue, and restaurant on-site
  • Underground parking garage (1,200 spaces)
  • Team offices, training facility, and indoor and outdoor training fields, all on-site
  • Proposed solar roof

It’s a facility that would firmly put the Crew in the top tier of MLS.

The proposal and stadium renderings were partially created by Rogers Krajnak Architects and 801 Creative.

And kudos to everyone involved – the level of detail is tremendous:

Drunk and happy with the new beautiful stadium.

When this battle is won, can we all agree that #SaveTheCrew needs to pick a new civic project and keep things rolling?

Ok, maybe just me – via GIPHY

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