This Video Of The Old Santa Maria Will Take You Right Back To The 1990s

Nothing lasts forever.

It’s sad to think that the Santa Maria is just decaying slowly in a field in southern Columbus. Regardless of my views on Christopher Columbus and his sordid history (not a fan), the replica Santa Maria that used to float on the Scioto river was a memorable part of growing up here in the 1990s.

I remember going to it fairly often when I would spend time with my great aunt. My imagination would carry me away and suddenly I was transported. The replica may have been built in 1991 but in my mind, it was something old and special. Sometimes it was a pirate ship. Other times, I fully embraced the pilgrim persona. But one thing that was consistent was how much fun I had.

I attribute some of it to the fact that we’re pretty darn landlocked here in Columbus. So stepping foot on a sea fairing vessel of any kind was fairly exciting to me, even if it was just an imitation.

It can be tough when you find yourself feeling nostalgic for the Columbus of yesteryear. Luckily, the internet is your friend. This video shows an old tour of the Santa Maria. You can see if the ship looks how you remember it, reminisce about exploring it with your classmates on a field trip, or just enjoy looking through a lens at our fellow residents enjoying the old icon.

Embrace the nostalgia, fam.

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