This Ohio Rumpke Worker Found A 10-Week-Old Puppy Abandoned In A Backpack

A Rumpke worker near Cincinnati came across quite the discovery on Wednesday morning.

Rumpke Waste & Recycling shared the heartwarming message on Facebook, hailing driver Aaron Kinsel as a hero. Kinsel was servicing customers in Colrain Township when he noticed movement coming from a discarded backpack.

When he opened the backpack, Kinsel discovered a 10-week-old Boxer mix puppy. “I felt like I was meant to find her,” Kinsel told WCMH NBC 24. And the puppy, who Kinsel has renamed Tipper, would agree.

Thanks to Kinsel, she was taken to a local veterinarian where it was discovered that she was suffering from not only dehydration but a broken leg as well. The local authorities are investigating how Tipper ended up in this situation and Rumpke is offering complete cooperation in the investigations.

So while we wait for answers, let’s all just take a moment to celebrate Tipper & Kinsel finding one another in this crazy world.

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