This 72-Year-Old Chevy Truck Is The Cutest Little Mobile Florist In Columbus

This vintage Chevy 3100 got it’s start way back in 1948.

Life was a little different 72 years ago. Gas to fuel the truck cost about $.26 per gallon, Harry Truman was President, and the United States was experiencing a post-war boom after the end of World War II.

In the years since 1948, Rosie the Flower Truck has seen quite a life. From serving as a run-around-town-truck to a Rat Rod Drag Racer, this truck would have some wild stories if it could talk. These days, it’s serving as a mobile flower pop-up, bringing bright and beautiful blooms all around Columbus.

Rosie the Flower Truck at the St. Mary/German Village Farmers Market

Typically, you can build your own bouquets when visiting Rosie. But due to COVID-19, the bouquets are currently sold pre-made. But that’s not a bad thing. After all, Rosie is the pop-up version of Orchard Lane Flowers.

Having a beautiful bouquet arranged by the professionals at Orchard Lane means that you get a perfectly crafted bunch of gorgeous buds, which is fantastic for someone like me who doesn’t quite understand the art of flower arranging.

If you’re hoping to track down the truck, your best bet is to give them a follow over on Instagram. There you’ll find their upcoming pop-up locations. As a person who typically enjoys sleeping in way too late on the weekends, I will be the first to admit that waking up in time to catch them at one of their weekend spots is totally worth it.

To learn more about the truck, you can visit the Orchard Lane website right here, or follow Rosie the Flower Truck on Instagram.

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