The Monument Dedicated To Robert E. Lee Returns To Franklin Township With Plans For Reinstallation

The Confederate marker will soon have a new home in Franklin Township.

After a Robert E. Lee monument was taken down and transferred over to Franklin Township, plans to have the marker rededicated have now gone underway.

Weeks ago, the two Ohio communities, Franklin Township and the City of Franklin, bickered heatedly over whose jurisdiction the monument fell under. After eventually concluding that the marker’s rightful home be in Franklin Township, the City of Franklin had the marker removed in order to transfer possession.

The result of which caused some rather volatile backlash from people in the area, including the erection of a temporary sign that read: “We do not negotiate with terrorist [sic]. BLM is a terrorist organization. Robert E. Lee Monument 1927 Franklin Ohio.”

Now these history enthusiasts can rest easy knowing that the monument to Robert E. Lee will once again find a home on its original Yankee soil.

No word yet on exactly where the monument will go up but township officials assure residents that its reinstallment will very much happen at an eventual date.

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