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Award Winning Actor Richard Dreyfuss To Be Inducted Into White Castle’s Cravers Hall Of Fame

The star of Mr. Holland’s Opus joins “Craver Nation” as he’s inducted into White Castle’s hall of fame.

Recently we discovered that, not only does White Castle have a (kind of awesome) limited line of streetwear, but they also have a “Cravers Hall of Fame”. It’s a list that exists online, honoring all those White Castle fans out there who are truly dedicated to the slider cause.

Last week they inducted fashion designer Telfar Clemens for his help creating their streetwear collection and for his success in his own uni-sex clothing line. This week’s inductee couldn’t possibly be any different but it’s still undeniably cool. Richard Dreyfuss, Mr. Holland himself, has just been included in the annals of White Castle glory.

Dreyfuss, known for such movies as Jaws, American Grafitti, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, has apparently been a lifelong White Castle fan.

Which is good for him because, along with his newfound place in the Cravers Hall of Fame, he’ll now be privy to a special hotline to receive a Crave Case of sliders, anytime, anywhere. I know, some people have all the luck.

The induction ceremony will happen at White Castle’s headquarters right here in Columbus. No doubt he’ll be mounting that White Castle plaque right next to his many prestigious acting awards. Richard Dreyfuss joins fellow Craver recipients Alice Cooper, John Cho, and Kal Penn. Yeah, that’s right, a Detroit rock god and Harold and friggin’ Kumar. Quite the hall of fame line-up, I’ll say.

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