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Retro Radio: WKRZ 99.7 The Blitz

WRKZ 99.7 The Blitz is an active rock radio station here in Columbus, Ohio. The radio station’s beginnings date back to the 1960s and over the years the station has had many different call numbers and formats. 99.7 FM became The Blitz in 1992 and began playing the music heard on the station today. After a brief stint with the name “The Rock” from 2008 until 2010, The Blitz was back once more and has run through to present day.

Check out these pictures of The Blitz from the 1990s. Talk about a blast from the past.

The infamous Blitz Hummer. (left to right): Tommy Hough, Mark the Shark (Mark Howell), Suzy Waud, Hal Fish, Blazor (Mark Smith), Ronni Hunter, and Steve Hammond “The Gatekeeper.” Taken in September of 1993. Image courtesy of Courtney Stone.


In the Blitz Studio for a Slash’s Snakepit promotion. (left to right) Katherine E., Greg Moebius, Paul Mains, Hal Fish, Slash, Ronni Hunter, (unknown), and Eric Dover. Taken on April 22, 1995. Image courtesy of Courtney Stone.


Blitz Programming Director Hal Fish on the cover of a FMQB Magazine from April 3rd 1998. Image courtesy of Courtney Stone.

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