Republican Candidates For Governor Are Flush With Campaign Cash

Candidates running for Ohio governor just filed campaign finance reports, and Republican candidates have outraised the Democratic candidates by a mile. 

Gubernatorial Candidate Campaign Finances

In terms of sheer fundraising, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted has pulled in more than $2 million in contributions. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine comes in second with just over $1 million. DeWine, however, currently has more cash on hand than Husted does. 

Among Democrats, former state representative Connie Pillich has raised most, with a little more than $576,000. Nan Whaley, the mayor of Dayton, has also announced her candidacy for governor. However, she is also seeking re-election as mayor. 

In May, the Associated Press reported Whaley was using her re-election campaign fund to also fundraise for her governor’s bid. The mayoral re-election campaign fund is not subject to state contribution limits.

Her gubernatorial campaign said it would voluntarily impose a contribution limit of $12,000, in accordance with the state’s limit. Whaley will be able to transfer a maximum of $200,000 from her mayoral campaign fund to her gubernatorial campaign fund. She cannot operate both funds at the same time, so she will have to wait until the mayoral race concludes to operate the other one. 

Congressman Jim Renacci has potentially run into trouble as well. The Columbus Dispatch reported his federal campaign illegally contributed $12,707 to his gubernatorial campaign. Although a spokesman for the campaign said they took the necessary steps to ensure the transfer was kosher, the Ohio Secretary of State’s office confirmed it was not.

Altogether, Republican candidates have raised about $4.5 million, while Democratic candidates have raised about $1.1 million. 

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